Sunday, July 28, 2013

Diamondbacks Home Run at the Chase Field Pool

It's taken a couple of days of chores, fixing a car tire (we returned from Phoenix with a nail in the rear and that took two trips to Costco yesterday), and baking this morning (our son's 31st birthday) before I could sit down and share this fun photo from the Thursday night game at Chase Field.  The Diamondbacks beat the Cubs 3-1 and I so enjoy watching the art of the game, the families in the stands and the kinds-goofy but entertaining between innings race of the hot dogs.  I always root for mustard to beat ketchup and relish and this time, Mustard Dog won!

When the Dbacks player hits a home run (and the stadium dome is closed), the splash fountain at the pool shoots up water.  We found out the pool rents for $5,000 and "seats" 32 people, so while it's fun to look at, we won't be hosting a pool party there anytime soon.  Still, it costs nothing to see or to photograph, so enjoy the memory.

When you go to a baseball game--what types of action do you most enjoy?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Playground date

This week we were happy to spend time with 6 year old Izy.  We went to Foothills Mall for lunch and, after lunch, she played in the playground.  While there she met a young boy, Brendon, and we watched them exchange names and phone numbers to "get together again at the playground."  It was fascinating to watch how this relationship unfolded in 30 minutes, demonstrating how we humans socially interact with strangers and navigate from the unknown to connecting with another.

Here are two photos of Izy in "play and smile" mode with a bit of flirtation in her posture.  This is how little girls begin to bedazzle little boys!


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Clamshell Cloud

One of the magical elements of Tucson summer's is the diversity of cloud formations that roll in from the mountains as monsoon storms build, crash, evaporate.  After a coolish evening set in this week, Mark and I returned to our walk along Mountain Avenue and we saw this cloud.  It looks like a clamshell to me and I am sure a meterologist can give a specific explanation for its shape.  But sometimes, I don't want explanations, just the experience.  What about you?  And do you see something else in this cloudshape?  Imagine.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday haiku

Today a surprise:
my book on news paper flew
like laughter on rain.