Sunday, October 28, 2012

gray at rest

It took Gray a few days and cooler temps to a) choose and b) get used to his cat bed, but, as you can see, he has no problem now.  After a good meal (I observed him with hiccups today), he curls up and just zones out.  The garage door can go up and down, creaking along on its hinges, but he doesn't stir.  Dogs can walk by and bark at the sight of him in his bed, which is under the table, but he doesn't budge.  He does move, sometimes, if I am watering and the hose moves rapidly--maybe it reminds Gray of snake-life in the desert.  Since he's out and about  when not napping or in the trees or in his buddha-pose on the driveway, we suspect he has learned what to be bothered with and what to ignore.  We can learn a lot from a Gray-like perspective toward life.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A bit of the De Anza Trail

As a way of being a continuing part of S. Arizona history, my husband, friend, Gail and I thought it would be a rurban adventure to walk a bit of the De Anza Trail.  This weekend, history buffs in Tubac celebrated the exploration of 1775 that connected Spain, through Arizona, to the coast of California.   Along the (yet unfinished) trail, we encountered a rattlesnake skin, coyote scat, birdlife and burrs and "goatheads" (weed seeds) that stuck to our socks, shoelaces, and occasionally, our skin.  This photo saw the Santa Rita Mtns. in the East and it's fun to imagine the scene of 225+ years ago where, minus the darker green pecan trees in the foreground, the landscape might have looked much the same.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Model A Ford Door Handles

We went to the Fall Festival at Cascades, the Senior Living Apartments where both of our dads reside.  And, as they have for the past years we've attended, a Model T and Model A car show parks in front for all to enjoy.  I am not the "gear-head" my husband is but I can appreciate the artistry of these cars which came at a time when the average speed was no higher than 45 mph.  Life was definitely slower then (and probably harder, too).  Here's a photo of the door handles from one of the Model As, circa 1930.  The car is so shiny you can see the reflection of Mark's legs in the photo!  What you can't see, unfortunately, is the etching on the gentle curls of each handle. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Leaf Peeping on Mt. Lemmon

I hadn't heard this expression before but Mark says that's what Easterners call the experience of "outsiders" visiting the autumal landscapes.  Then, later on Monday--which is our monthly "mountain Monday" time, I heard KOLD-TV's weatherman, Chuck George, say it again:  "leaf peeping", so that's what we did on Monday.  We went "leaf peeping" on Mt. Lemmon. 

No colors appeared in the first forest at Bear Canyon, but past Windy Point and onto Bear Wallow where the leaves were ablaze.  I think the oak has already peaked and turned brown, but red maples were splendid and the aspen were shimmering gold. Thanks to recent physical therapy work to strengthen my legs and ankle and with some assistance from Mark at the high angle spots on the path, I was able to do a 1.5 mile hike in the Bear Wallow ravine.  I love listening to aspen leaves rustle in the wind and, when we got to the "tippy top" (I overhead a toddler using this description close to the UA Observatory), I gathered a few fallen aspen twigs to make a bouquet for home. 


It was a wonderful day.  We wrapped it up with a restful meal at the Sawmill Run restaurant in Summerhaven which I have reviewed (with photos) at .

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gray on his Throne

We moved a more comfortable chair from the back to front patio for Mark to sit on and read, and now, of course, when Mark is not on it, Gray often is curled up on the cushion.  As the weather begins to cool, he his shifting his resting places.  Here he is responding to Mark's request for a photo and obliges.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Autumn glass

I will be writing more about our adventure today to the Sonoran Glass School on my other blog.  But here's a photo of what some of the artists created.  The School had a waiting list of 3 1/2 hours today of folks wanting to "blow their own" pumpkin, or acorn or ornament.  Mark and I both want to take a class sometime and you might want to check them out for more information.

Check out more info at

If you want more photos, go to

Friday, October 5, 2012

Gray on the Ground

It was still a pretty warm day yesterday, so when I watered the plants, the drip dampened the concrete which appears to have appealed to Gray's need to relax and cool off.